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The Mandelbrot Set

A graph of the Mandelbrot Set can be generated relatively easily. For each pixel in the graph you do 6 multiplications, 3 additions and one subtraction in a single programming loop. The loop is iterated from 1 to 1000 times until the point diverges or the loop reaches 1000 iterations. The number of iterations is assigned to a color value and the graph is drawn. Each graph takes from a few seconds to ten seconds to generate, depending on the speed and load of the system. In the movies below more than 7000 images were generated. Using 34 compute nodes the whole set takes less than 15 minutes to produce.

For details of the calculation and related information, see this Wikipedia Page.

Here are some images generated on HiPACE:

Click on this link to download the Java Program that generated the images. To run it use the command "java -jar mandelbrot.jar". Use the mouse to select regions to zoom. Always select from left to right, and be patient, it several seconds to generate the new plot on a typical computer.