The Washburn University
High-Performance Academic
Computing Environment

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HiPACE is a high-performance computing system operated and adminstered by faculty and students primarily in the Natural Sciences Division of Washburn University.

The mission of HiPACE is to enrich and enliven the science and technology education of all Washburn students and to enhance the capabilities of faculty, staff and members of the community through technology.

HiPACE was generously funded by Washburn University's Innovation Grant from 2006 to 2009.

All nodes in the HiPACE system are running OpenSuSE Linux 10.2.

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The HiPACE system consists of three basic parts:

  1. A computing cluster with a master node and 34 compute nodes.
  2. An SMP system for running large programs (16 Cores, 64 GB RAM).
  3. A 12 TB file system.

The SMP (symmetric multiprocessing) machine has 8 dual-core Opteron processors giving it a total of 16 cores. This machine is ideal for running programs that require large amounts of RAM.

The master node and each compute node of the cluster have 2 dual-core Opteron processors and 4 GB of RAM. Each machine has a pair of gigabit Ehternet ports, one for data and one (HSI) for control and communication.

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Members of the HiPACE Steering Committee: The following people serve as contacts for the following areas: